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Find companies and regain certainty with up-to-date insights

Extensive and always up-to-date data-pool on 1M+ companies in tech & innovation ensures high accuracy of search results. No more outdated case profiles, no more random googling, no more “out-of-business” companies.

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data-driven approach

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Minimise manual online search by 95% with our AI-powered suggestions

Never miss out on tech companies and innovations that have the potential to impact your business. Our AI-powered tool automatically suggests a list of cases similar to your search criteria.

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Create transparency across your team and manage deal flow efficiently

No more messy Excels and tens of tools to manage your deal flow and communicate with your team. Manage the pipeline, tasks and shared materials in one place by swiftly getting everyone up to speed. 

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Our story

First built in-house and used for years by our data analysts and now loved by our corporate partners

Innopipe is a product of Catapult – a tech research company that for years has served Europe’s largest corporates in the tech and innovation scene.

First built and utilised for in-house use, now the platform has evolved into a cutting-edge solution for industries’ front runners.

Efficient decision-making begins with intelligent tools