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Top 5 metrics for partnerships with startups and scale-ups

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What you will take away from this webinar:

A deeper understanding of the key metrics for collaborating with new players in the tech and innovation scene.

Best practices to measure the key metrics when choosing a company to partner with, invest in or acquire. 

Applying these metrics into a successful partnership or M&A with growth companies, innovations and startups.

Ok, so you have all of the metrics written down when looking for companies to collaborate with.

But are you sure you know the best way to apply the metrics to generate the optimal outcome for your business?

Many initiatives fail due to the lack of understanding of the very different DNA of corporates and startups. The question for many corporate leaders remains: Which metrics to look at when choosing a company to work with? 
Crafted with years of experience, this webinar focuses on the next phase in your corporate innovation and venturing – a phase of partnering with the industry’s most promising growth companies and startups. 
Enriched with case examples, stories and best practices, this webinar takes your startup-corporate collaboration and strategy to the next level.  
Not convinced? Ok, here is more.
This practical webinar is rooted in years of experience in the tech and innovation scene, across 15+ industries through discussions and collaboration with 300+ corporates in Europe. 
Ok, who is behind this?
Organized by Catapult (a trusted enabler for corporate innovation). Catapult’s data-driven and AI-powered solutions have been enabling smart decision making for corporate front-runners like Fortum, Coca-Cola, Raiffeisen bank, Kone, just to name a few (see the full list of partners).
Catapult’s past events have been recommended by corporate leaders 9/10 times.  
The guest speaker for Catapult webinar about Startups

Mirva Nevalainen

Mirva Nevalainen

The guest speaker

Partner and mentor at Nordic Startup School
Former head of partner innovation operations at KONE

Mirva Nevalainen is a highly experienced startup mentor.

On top of her role at Nordic Startup School, Mirva has run the partner innovation operations at KONE. Mirva has been wearing many hats during her years at KONE, with the latest role as leading the team to formalise the partner ecosystem and practicalities for the company. The main focus being on facilitating and structuring the collaboration between corporations and SME’s/startups and spreading out the acknowledgement of the value of partnering and ecosystems.

On top of this she is an entrepreneur, a consultant on partner ecosystems and a facilitator of new rising entrepreneurs and ideators in starting a business. We mean it when we say: you wouldn’t find a better fit for a speaker on this topic.

About the speaker

Learnings from both worlds: the corporate kingdom and the startup hustle.

Paavo Beckman is an internationally recognised serial entrepreneur, business executive consultant, public speaker and a startup coach. In the past 20 years, Paavo has been building and leading tech companies in Europe and Silicon Valley. 

On a mission to help large companies undergo digital transformation and develop internal innovation culture, Paavo has coached business executives and collaborated with 300+ industry-leading corporates across Europe.

Nowadays, Paavo Beckman is a CDO at Catapult – #1 partner for corporate venture teams to find the best tech companies, innovations and startups as well as understand the market trends and fastest growing verticals.

Paavo believes that it’s “survive, die or thrive” momentum for most corporates across the globe as we are stepping onto the era of rapid technological shift and the rise of new industry front-runners. 

Paavo Beckman

A serial entrepreneur

Paavo Beckman

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Have more questions or a topic in mind for the future events? 
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