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The basics

While both Innopipe and Itonics are SaaS-based products designed for innovation management, they are used very differently.

Innopipe enables finding promising companies with the use of keywords and filters. On top of that, it lets you manage those companies via a Kanban board.

Itonics, on the other hand, gives you a more holistic approach to innovation scouting, presenting news articles and publications from the field you’re interested in.

What is Innopipe?

Innopipe is an AI-powered company discovery tool. It gives you the access to a data pool of over 2 million tech & innovation companies. With advanced filtering and the use of keywords, you may narrow down your scope and add the most interesting companies to your pipeline within the tool. You are always equipped with up-to-date data on the companies, which makes it easy to follow industry trends on a company level. Moreover, Innopipe utilises AI and machine learning to give suggestions based on the companies in your pipeline.

What about Itonics?

Itonics provides you with an innovation radar, among other things, and uses data visualisation to project industry trends.

Itonics has multiple tools used for innovation management but does not have as wide of a company discovery ability as Innopipe. Rather it scours the web for industry-specific articles and publications in order to present an overall view on a specific industry.

Why they can't be compared

Comparing Innopipe to Itonics is like comparing a spaceship to a fighter jet. Yes, both of them take you far but they do it by using different techniques and they take you to a totally different destination.

Look, we’re trying to be as honest as we can here. Itonics is a great tool for a holistic approach on innovation management. In some instances Itonics can be more affordable and it gives a sensible idea of what an industry is undergoing.

However, when you’re trying to scout for possible companies to partner with, invest in or acquire, it is no match to Innopipe. As said, they’re different tools for different purposes. 


While we say that Innopipe and Itonics are incomparable, we’ll try our best to do exactly so. Let’s be honest, this is why you came here.



Preferred option

Company discovery

Use advanced filters and keywords to search for emerging companies from a datapool of over 2 million companies.

The filters to search for specific companies are fairly limited and no information can be found on the size of Itonics’ data pool.

Up-to-date news

By adding a company to your pipeline, you will be updated with news of that specific company.

You can search for industry-specific news in the Insights section.


You have the option of using company-specific roadmaps or using a Kanban table as a roadmap.

The roadmap is linked to a project objective. The timeline is very clear and easy to comprehend. However, you pay extra if you want this feature.

Data visualisation and reporting

A basic report can be easily customised and accessed from the Dashboard.

Itonics provides beautiful data visualisation for various use cases.

Trend & risk analysis

Not available yet for Innopipe.

Itonics has special sections designated for trend and risk analysis. However you pay extra if you want this feature.


Live support during working hours with the average response time being <1 min.

No live support. However, you can submit a support ticket.

What about the subscription?

As we’ve stated many times already, Innopipe and Itonics are used very differently. For this reason comparing the subscription packages is nonsensical. But, we’re already this far, why not give it a go.

With Innopipe you only pay one price without missing out on anything. You could have a team of 50 people using Innopipe but not having to worry about paying extra.

Whereas Itonics offers a user-based pricing model and has different tiers for different needs. You also pay extra for any feature you may want to add to the basic package, including the radar and the roadmap.




Unlimited data and features for unlimited users.

3 different plans,
25€-75€ per user per month. You also pay extra for any feature you may want to add to the basic package.


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Extra costs depending on your needs

Let’s say you have a team of 15 and you’re in the need for an innovation scouting tool. With Innopipe you pay 990€/month and get everything you need. With Itonics you pay 1125€ + another 1125€ if you want to have insights, radar and a roadmap in use. On top of that, they don’t even deliver the same results.

But as mentioned, the tools cannot really be compared fairly. If you’re a one-man team and all you need is an insights scanner, you’ll end up paying only 150€ per month with Itonics.

Below is a comparison chart for a few different situations:



Team of 15

Unlimited data and features for unlimited users.

2250€ if you want the extra features added to the basic package (radar, insights, roadmap).

Team of 1

Unlimited data and features for unlimited users.

75€-450€ depending on the features you need.

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